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About Us

Nati con la Camicia

Via Garibaldi, 56 - Ferrara - ITALY

Specialty Shop

Our shop is designed to provide a complete service in the field of shirts for men, for this reason is so specialized, because it is able to offer a bespoke service, initials on all shirts, available in sizes from 37 to 53 neck and even extra long shirts for customers...... "outside size"

Choise of 6000 shirts
In the department on the second floor you can find a massive selection of classic and sports shirts. Fashion colours or underjackets for all occasions, from leisure office, always made with high quality fabrics and classic or updated models.

The History

The store "Nati con la Camicia" is the result of evolution and experience of three generations of the Trevisani's family, traders in Ferrara in the early years of the '900.

Davide, the owner, after gaining experience in the field of shirts for men, representing some of the largest and most prestigious Italian companies throughout the Emilia-Romagna, has decided in 1990 to open one of the first stores that is specialized in shirts in Ferrara.

Even today "NATI CON LA CAMICIA", appears to be winning, not being an activity in franchising, but being a shop run directly, wanted by the tradition of the family, and by the owner, who personally chooses and buys the best products from the best companies in this sector, offering them to their his loyal customers.




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