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  • The sweaters that can generally be found on the market are made of wool, which can be of various kinds and qualities, more or less soft like lambswool or shetland, merino wool and so on.
    The most precious but less common yarns for our quality pullovers are more rarely found also because they are more difficult to find as raw materials are: angora, camel, Yak wool, mohair.
    The angora is produced with the hair of the angora rabbit, very soft white, the tip of this yarn is particular rounded that increases the feeling of comfort in contact with the skin, it has remarkable insulating properties making it very warm.
    Camel wool is obtained from the camel with two humps in the under fleece and therefore not externally, the harvest is still done by hand during the spring when the animals change their wetsuits and therefore have a natural loss.
    The characteristic of this yarn is that it has incredible thermostatic properties that allow it to protect us and isolate us from both cold and heat.
    Yak wool is obtained from Yak or Tibetan ox hair, a large mammal that lives in Central Asia.
    The fiber obtained from this animal that is considered sacred is very valuable and has natural shades is collected by the spontaneous fall of the hair and has characteristics very similar to cashmere.
    The mohair is obtained from the fleece of the angora goat, very shiny and soft, of medium value has its highest quality when it is called Kid mohair and is taken from younger animals.
    The less evolved processes for obtaining these natural fibers make us reflect on the change in the dynamics of the modern textile industry that does not always but often overlook the evident suffering that causes animals that have thousands of rights to be respected and do not deserve to be abused to increase production.

    Date online: 2019-11-21

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